Supporting significant transitions


Making the transition to Tuke

We make every effort to ensure there is a smooth transition for your child. This will include:

  • Visiting the child in their current school
  • Attending year 6 or transfer meetings
  • Meeting with staff who know the students well
  • Student link to Tuke School sup[ported by staff who know them
  • Parent is encouraged to visit Tuke
  • Home visit by member of Tuke senior leadership team and the identified class teacher
  • Tuke ‘starter’ information and school policies are provided to parents
  • We operate an ‘open door’ policy, which enables parents to visit at any time
  • Training staff where there are medical needs
  • Where there are specific needs an individualized transition plan is agreed.

In school class transitions

Significant information for each student is kept in a class file that is shared with the next teacher. Also:

  • Teacher meets to have a handover of information
  • IEP targets and progress are shared
  • Teachers observe the students in their current class
  • Where students are moving to a new key stage, they spend time in teaching areas in the next key stage.
  • Therapy staff will provide handover information to the next teacher as appropriate
  • Staff are identified for any specific training

Moving on from Tuke

  • Head Teacher meets with parents/ carers to discuss options
  • Visits to prospective provisions are organized and parents invited to attend
  • On parental request, staff are able to support a student during any specialist assessment placement
  • A college link is set up for year 14 students interested in attending local further education provision
  • Link visits are arranged for students who will move in to independent specialist or social care provision.
    They are supported by staff from Tuke.
  • Staff from the identified future provision are invited into Tuke to observe the student
  • A handover meeting is held to ensure that all of the relevant information is shared