Tuke Aims


Our Vision and our Values

  • To be an open and welcoming environment
  • To be an inspiring place to work and learn
  • To teach one another to be healthy and safe
  • We will value and celebrate the achievements of those within our school community
  • We will be helpful, supportive and positive to all students, staff and parents, maintaining a high degree of professionalism at all times
  • We will provide a meaningful and stimulating curriculum which reflects the needs of the individual and promotes creativity and fun
  • We will devise clear and achievable learning objectives that are based on individual student priorities
  • We will provide advice, information and training from within our community and create opportunities to learn from each other.
  • We will continually reflect on our practice to meet the changing needs of our students

Life Long Learners

At the heart of our school curriculum are our aims for students. In supporting students we aim for them to become life long learners who;

  • Are motivated to achieve
  • Can Control their physical environment
  • Access a technological environment
  • Develop functional and problem solving skills
  • Can work alongside others
  • Maintain their physical health and develop physical and co ordination skills
  • Can communicate their needs and preferences
  • Interact and explore
  • Learn by doing
  • Transfer and generalize skills and make links
  • Accept and manage transitions
  • Develop social and positive relationships
  • Develop strategies to manage own behavior
  • Express through the arts
  • Take pleasure and interest in the environment
  • Can be increasingly independent
  • Develop an awareness of themselves

Tuke ‘Aims for Life Long Learners’ provide a platform to enable us to assess, together with parents and other professional involved, each individual student’s progress in learning areas beyond school and into adult hood.