Type of School


What kind of Special Educational needs does Tuke School support ?

We are a secondary school for young people who have severe, complex or profound learning disabilities.

There is a wide range of ability within the learning disabilities range:

  • severe and complex learning disabilities,
  • sensory or physical disabilities,
  • autism and challenging behaviours.
  • Students who also have additional medical needs are supported well during their time in school.


The maximum class size is 8 students in Key Stage 3 and 4 and 9 students in Key Stage 5.

Students are grouped according to their Key Stage age and their needs and abilities. A class teacher is allocated to each class and has responsibility for the students throughout the day.

The level of staff support in each class will change depending on the students needs. Typically there will be 3 or 4 support staff in each class.

Tuke School aspires to be:

  • A centre of educational excellence for students with Severe and Complex Learning Needs
  • An exceptional place to work and learn
  • A school that encourages creativity, challenge and self motivation
  • An environment where our students are empowered by their learning and through the environment in which they learn.

A place where learning will be enhanced and enabled through intelligent technology